Latest update on Healthcare at Home delivery services

02 May 2014

Over the Easter Bank Holidays we ran our customer service and delivery operations as normal.  Our investment in extended operational hours, customer support staff and a new support website continues to improve our services.

The number of failed deliveries has again dropped from the previous week, we’ve further reduced the call waiting times for patients, and we received fewer inbound calls.  Our outbound calls to schedule deliveries are broadly on track and the majority of patients remain unaffected by the recent service issues.

Service update for week commencing 21st April 

  • Scheduled deliveries: Successful scheduled deliveries are returning to normal levels as the backlog continues to decrease.  The total failed delivery rate for last week (w/c 21st April) was 7.5%, against a previous high of 10%. 5% of these were due to HaH delivery issues, 2.5% due to patient or Trusts.
  • Nurse-led deliveries: The contingency measures we put in place to protect our nurse-led deliveries and to minimise risk to high-risk patients remain in place. Any missed deliveries for this cohort of patients are re-dispatched for same day or following day delivery.
  • Order raising: Patients scheduling calls and order raising continue in the normal manner. Most therapies are on track, with only a few behind by track by no more than three days, due to Easter Bank Holiday.

Communication update

  • Inbound calls: We received 18,906 inbound calls last week, which is down from 19,194 in the previous week. Patients are spending less time on the phone, with the average wait time at 4 minutes compared to 5.04 minutes the previous week.  We continue to work to reduce this to a more acceptable level by further improving our delivery rate to reduce the number of inbound calls and call wait times.  In the meantime, our extended customer service operational hours which now include weekends, will continue to help meet the current demand. 
  • Email and complaint handling: We continue to run a dedicated inbox for patients wishing to send urgent messages and complaints ( The inbox continues to be monitored and all new emails sent to this address in the last week have been responded to within 48 hours. We take all complaints seriously and have expanded the team who monitor the inboxes and continue to run a dedicated complaint management team, which is being overseen by a company director. 
  • Patient support site: The new patient support website launched on the evening of Thursday 10th April. At 9am on Monday 28th April, the site had received 1934 unique hits with the average length of session at 2:10 minutes.  Over 75% of visitors are visiting the site directly, with the remaining being directed via the Healthcare at Home website and other external sources. 

Once again, please accept our apologies for the continued disruption to the service and the inconvenience this has caused you and your patients.  We appreciate your support and understanding and please rest assured that we continue to work hard to restore our high level of service for patients.