NRAS Joins Newly Launched World Patients Alliance

01 October 2020

NRAS is excited to announce that we’ve joined the World Patients Alliance, a new international advocacy coalition of more than 100 patient groups across 38 countries.


As advocates for individuals impacted by Rheumatoid Arthritis and their loved ones, we know firsthand how patient-centered care makes a difference in healthcare outcomes and patients’ quality of life.

The World Patients Alliance advocates for policies that ensure equal and affordable access to optimal healthcare, empower patients to express their needs and play a larger role in deciding their treatments, and improve patient education and healthcare literacy.

We’re honored to work alongside leading patient advocates worldwide to ensure patients have a seat at the table. Co-founders of the World Patients Alliance include:

  • Hussain Jafri, founding director of the World Patients Alliance and secretary general of Alzheimer’s Pakistan.
  • Andrew Spiegel, chair of the World Patients Alliance and executive director of the Global Colon Cancer Association.
  • Jolanta Bilińska, director of development and social communication at City Medical Centre Dr. K. Jonscher in Lodz, Poland.
  • Penney Cowan, founder and CEO of the American Chronic Pain Association.
  • Karla Ruiz de Castilla, CEO of Esperanta in Peru, an advocacy organization for patients with cancer and other chronic conditions.
  • Regina Mariam Namata Kamoga, executive director of Community Health and Information Network in Uganda, an advocacy organization for people living with or affected by HIV and AIDS.

To learn more about the World Patients Alliance, we invite you to visit the coalition’s website, or follow WPA on Facebook and Twitter.