January 2022 announcements regarding move to Plan A

26 January 2022

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On Wednesday 19th January 2022, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the phased relaxation of the Plan B restrictions regarding working from home, wearing masks, social distancing, and self-isolation in England.

In turn, you can view the most up-to-date guidelines via the GOV.UK website which were updated following the announcement.

There has been no official statement regarding how those considered clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) or clinically vulnerable (CV) should be responding to these easing of restrictions. However, iNews UK reported that the CEV and CV should continue to follow the guidelines included in plan B.

NRAS is working closely with an informal alliance of patient organisations that represent the CEV and CV people in our community. This alliance is meeting with government and shadow ministers to get some clarity and we will share it with you all and as soon as we have some further clarity. One thing that all these patient organisations have reported from the communities they represent, is that, whilst the thought of getting back to the life they had before the pandemic is an ideal for everyone, after, in some cases, almost 2 years in lockdown, it is not something they feel at ease about. People feel they are being asked to weigh up the mental and physical health risks of remaining isolated, versus the risk of contracting COVID-19if returning to work, socialising etc. A difficult personal decision that is not one that will be the same for the thousands of people that are CEV or CV, and will be driven by various factors (condition, age, treatment(s), attitude, vaccine status etc.)

This is understandably a confusing and emotionally fraught time for many people. The Government website above addresses how to assess your personal risk, and NRAS suggests that we treat each other with respect regarding our personal assessment of the risks and the precautions an individual may wish to follow.