Website Privacy Policy Update 

01 February 2022

We just wanted to make sure our RA and JIA communities are aware that we have updated our Privacy Policy on the 1st February 2022. NRAS is committed to ensuring any data on people who access our services, our supporters or Members, is managed carefully and that the data is fully protected. This policy relates to everything we do, including the way we deliver our services, how people can get involved in research to improve the lives of our community and the way we communicate to individuals. The privacy of our community is important to us, and we understand how important it is to you. This policy will give you details about the information we collect and process, how we keep it secure, your rights and how to get in touch if you have any questions about data protection. 

As a charity we have a duty to use the donations from our donors in the best way possible. To facilitate this, we use the details provided to us by supporters, and match that to various profiling and screening techniques to help us understand the interests of our community. Such information can also be combined with details that are available in the public domain and commercially available data lists to enable us to target our resources effectively which results in an improved experience for all. 

We are an open and transparent organisation because our supporters are key to the success of NRAS and JIA-at-NRAS. We will update this privacy policy periodically to ensure we keep our supporters best interests in mind. As new technologies emerge, we will keep updating this policy in line with Data protection laws. You can find the complete policy here