NRAS discovers lost artefacts from the 60’s

01 April 2022

We were very excited to find some film reels in the NRAS basement archive that date back to 1960’s. On a box dated 1962, reels of film. We were intrigued so we asked our NRAS Archiver, Malcolm Barrington-Smythe, to take a look and see if he could discover what was on them! Before joining NRAS, Malcolm worked in cinemas across the UK, so he is an expert projectionist and is very adept at splicing together film. We were looking forward to seeing what NRAS was up to way back in the swinging 60’s. Our staff were treated to a film night and we all watched them together with some popcorn. One of our favourite reels was old archival footage talking about the services of the charity, and we would like to share it with our RA and JIA Community today. 

We were so surprised to find footage about NRAS on the film reels! It’s a real blast from the past so watch now!