NRAS Stress Matters Survey

24 June 2022

Survey has now closed

Due to the overwhelming response we have received, we now have a wealth of data to analyse and have had to close the survey early. Thank you to all those that have taken part. We look forward to sharing the outcomes and resources with the community as part of the Stress Matters project.

What is the ‘Stress Matters’ project about?

The project will examine the relationship between stress and inflammatory arthritis. The ‘Stress Matters’ project aims to develop a better understanding on the topic and develop appropriate resources for people living with IA.

The ‘Stress Matters’ project will look at the following:

  • How stress triggers immune responses within the body;
  • The adverse impact that stress can have on the symptoms of inflammatory arthritis;
  • Expand how people with IA and their clinicians can work together to reduce impact of stress.

Why is the survey important?

For people living with IA, the impact of stress on their disease can be very significant and lead to debilitating, and potentially irreversible damage as well as strain on mental and emotional health. This is a motivator as to why NRAS is developing Stress Matters resources and why the outcome of the survey is important. Based on these outcomes, resources will be developed to practical information about managing stress levels as well as information about appropriate potential treatments and therapies that may reduce stress. The areas of particular interest in the survey are:

  • Onset of IA symptoms.
  • Diagnosis journey.
  • Ongoing management.
  • Health Monitoring.
  • Coping mechanisms.

Further Information

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