NRAS Wellbeing Course: Meditation & Mindfulness

Course dates

  • 5 Oct – 2 Nov

All Wellbeing courses will be carried out online via Zoom. Please note that these courses are only available to access live – recordings of individual sessions will not be available. 

About Meditation & Mindfulness

Life can be stressful, overwhelming and tiring – but it doesn’t have to be this way! 
 Meditation and mindfulness aides relaxation promotes genuine happiness and assists in connecting to a peaceful place within. This simple yet powerful practice can help those that are struggling to keep up with the constant demands of modern day living and for those that want to bring more peace and contentment into their lives. 
Meditation and mindfulness provide a set of simple yet powerful practices that can easily be incorporated into our everyday lives to help break the negative cycle and relieve many modern day symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. 
• Relieve anxiety and depression 
• Reduces stress 
• Improved memory and stamina 
• Regular meditators are happier and more contented 
• Teaches the miracle of living in the ‘present moment’ 
• Helps with pain & Inflammation 
• Relieves restlessness and unhappiness 
• Relieves exhaustion and irritability 
• Enhances the body’s natural healing systems 
• Clinical trials show that mindfulness improves mood and quality of life in chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and lower-back pain, in chronic functional disorders such as IBS, and in challenging medical illnesses, including multiple sclerosis and cancer. 
• Mindfulness reduces addictive and self-destructive behaviour. These include the abuse of illegal and prescription drugs and excessive alcohol intake. 
• Mindfulness may reduce ageing at the cellular level by promoting chromosomal health and resilience.

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