NRAS Wellbeing Course: Nutrition & Diet

Course dates

  • 10 Oct – 7 Nov

All Wellbeing courses will be carried out online via Zoom. Please note that these courses are only available to access live – recordings of individual sessions will not be available. 

About Nutrition & Diet

Lulu is the founder of Windmill Wellness, a practise offering Functional Medicine and Nutrition to people with Autoimmune disease.  

She is also a physiotherapist with 26 year experience and hopes the combination of this with Functional Medicine will allow her to support many patients struggling with pain, arthritis, autoimmunity and many more chronic conditions.  

She also does freelance work with another established Functional Medicine clinic and is a an clinic assistant supervisor for Nutrition students studying at CNM Manchester, and hopes soon to become a lecturer there too.  

She has had sero positive RA for 23 yrs and firmly believes and has experienced, the healing power of food. However of equal importance to health and wellbeing, is how we live our lives. Hence why she values the simple things in life; spending precious time with my family, swimming in the cold Welsh sea with her daughter, hiking on her local Lancashire hills with her new rescue dog, growing herbs and vegetables and cooking – especially creating new recipes for her clients. She would love one day to create her own delicious nutritiously healing Autoimmune Cookery book. 

She hope this course will help people overwhelmed with their diagnosis to gain control of their health again; to move from “why me to a new me”  

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