NRAS Wellbeing Course: Tai Chi for Arthritis

Course dates

  • Improvers course 11 June – 9 July

All Wellbeing courses will be carried out online via Zoom. Please note that these courses are only available to access live – recordings of individual sessions will not be available. 

About Tai Chi for Arthritis

My name is Morag McDade and my passion has always been the study and  teaching of the slow-moving, graceful discipline of Tai Chi.  Since the late 90s I had been teaching  ‘mainstream’ Tai Chi (which can be physically challenging for many).  

I often wished that I could remove some of the commonly perceived mystique and exclusivity so that this wonderful health-promoting practice could be available to all, regardless of age, health or mobility challenges.   

In 2013, I gained certification to teach a comprehensive set of Dr Paul Lam’s  medically proven Tai Chi for Health programmes, which safely address specific health issues while being safe, accessible and enjoyable for all. I became a Senior Trainer for The Tai Chi for Health Institute in 2015.  

When I retired from my ‘day job’ working for the NHS as a Speech and Language Therapist,  I was then able to offer daytime classes so that more people could benefit from this beautiful and health-promoting discipline.  Here are just a few of the benefits of Tai Chi.  

Regular practice results in improved: 

  • muscle strength (to support painful joints and increase mobility) 
  • balance and posture – reducing falls 
  • circulation 
  • respiration (I myself have asthma – so this is an important one for me!)  
  • relaxation of body and mind 

The list of benefits goes on. I always leave a class (either face to face or on Zoom) with a smile on my face, feeling that I have gained as much if not more than my participants. It is wonderful to see  people from all walks of life, many with varying challenges, come in hesitantly but then gradually gain confidence. Watching participants have fun together while learning something new, and becoming mentally and physically stronger and more confident, is just the best thing in the world.  

One of the TCH programmes I teach is Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention which, like all the Tai Chi for Health programmes, can be easily  modified for individual needs. The Form (sequence of flowing movements) is suitable for all to learn and provides a wonderful introduction to Tai Chi for anyone.   

My class starts with a gentle Warm Up followed by the gradual learning and practice of a specially modified Tai Chi form. A gentle Cool Down completes the class.*  

To find out more, follow these links: 

*As an additional, complementary practice, some sessions will also include specially chosen gentle Qigong/breathing exercises which are carried out after our Tai Chi for Health section.  

I look forward to meeting you!  

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