NRAS Wellbeing Course: Tripudio Movement

Course dates

  • 7 Sept – 12 Oct
  • 2 Nov – 7 Dec (launching soon)

All Wellbeing courses will be carried out online via Zoom. Please note that these courses are only available to access live – recordings of individual sessions will not be available. 

Tripudio Movement Introduction

Nadine's experience with Tripudio Movement

Watch our Support Services Manager who has lived with RA herself for 35 years, explain what Tripudio Movement means to her.

About Tripudio Movement

Hi my name is Karen Forrester Jones and I am your Tripudio Movement Systems instructor. But what is Tripudio Movement? It is a fun gentle but effective movement session for all ages, ability, mobility and health issues. It is done seated or standing but you can also do most of it lying in bed. We don’t do any getting down on the floor work. 

The sessions are structured to those attending, they are short exercises done to music with a warm up and mobilisation to improve circulation, breathing and movement whilst focusing on the lymphatic (your immunity system) and fascial systems. 

I ask you only move within your capability, adapt any move to suit yourself and never over stretch or do too much. Each class is structured and always contains a 10 min warm up called the Tripudio Lymphatic Flow which we will do together on the day. 

It is extremely easy to follow and no special clothing is required just clothes you can move easily in, soft shoes/trainers and a solid non-moving chair. If you are in bed, just be able to move your limbs comfortably without restriction. If you wear compression garments of any kind, we ask you wear these to this session. Also bring a large glass or a drinks bottle of non-fizzy water to the session. 

Benefits of Tripudio Movement that some of my RA clients have experienced have been improved mobility, balance and strength, especially in the hands, fingers and feet, an easing of shoulders and neck issues, has helped with stress and anxiety plus their singing has also improved. 

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