Have you been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis in the last 2 years?

Would you like to participate in a research discussion about emotional challenges and whether a therapy called ‘Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’ (ACT) can be helpful?


The University of the West of England are conducting research into the emotional challenges that people can experience when they are diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis (IA). They want to know whether a therapy called ‘Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’ (ACT) can be helpful. The research team would like to talk to people who have been diagnosed with IA within the last 2 years. You do not need any knowledge of ACT to participate. 

ACT focuses on altering the impact that thoughts can have on behaviour. Rather than trying to change negative thoughts ACT encourages people to be in contact with the present moment, to accept the thoughts and not to try and avoid them as avoidance can restrict many areas of their lives. The aim is to allow people to do more things that are personally important to them and allow them to reconnect with their values (e.g., around family and friends) that they may have lost sight of as a result of living with IA. 

Participation in the research involves attending a one-hour on-line (via Zoom) workshop. You will be given further information about ACT and then asked your views on whether you think it might be helpful for people newly diagnosed with IA. The workshop will also include a discussion of ideas for an ACT-based intervention, including content, mode of delivery and important outcomes to measure. Psychological challenges faced by people newly diagnosed with IA will also be discussed. Your views will be anonymous. 

Workshops will be held in the weeks commencing 19 July, 16 August and 6 September.

If you are unable to attend a workshop, an individual on-line or telephone interview can be held instead. If you would like an interview or would like further information, please email: