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A Tribute page is a place to celebrate and honour the memory and life of a loved one. With our Cherry Blossom Tribute you can add your own special memories with photos, videos, words and music, which can then be shared with family and friends.  Tribute pages can also be used to inform loved ones of the funeral and wake detail.   

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Many members of our Cherry Blossom family take part in NRAS fundraising activities in memory of their loved one and donate the money to the tribute fund. If you would like to know more about forthcoming NRAS events and activities, please see here.

If you would like help setting up or finding an existing Cherry Blossom Tribute, please contact the Fundraising Team on or 01628 823 524 (option 2).

A tribute to Daphne Franklin

A tribute to Daphne Franklin (21st June 1936 to 13th October 2020) 

Last year Graham, and his family, chose to set up a personalised Tribute Page in memory of his mother, the late Daphne Franklin, through our charity partner, MuchLoved.  The page has already raised over £1,300, for which we are incredibly grateful. Graham also kindly agreed to share Daphne’s story with us, in the hope it might encourage others to support NRAS in this very special way.  Daphne’s family have chosen to keep their page private but you can view our public tribute pages in our Cherry Blossom garden here:  

Daphne Franklin

“Daphne was born in Tring, Herts into a large family of six brothers and sisters she was very close to. When mum was only 13 my dad arrived on the scene. He was stationed at nearby RAF Halton, visited Tring Salvation Army and was made very welcome by her family. They formed a friendship straight away but mum had her schooling to finish and dad was 18 so he decided to take an overseas posting to Gibraltar where he wrote to mum as a penfriend and so the lifelong romance began which thankfully saw them celebrate 65 happy years married just last summer.  

Family was very important to our mum and she had many happy times with her 3 children and partners, her 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. She loved a big family get-together and enjoyed the wonderful trips we used to make to Wycombe Park to play cricket and rounders, or a good Christmas get together.  She had immense pride in each and every member of her family and never really stopped mothering and showing her core qualities of love, thoughtfulness and care.  

Daphne Franklin – diamond wedding anniversary 2015

Daphne was diagnosed with RA in 2004 when she was referred to our local Rheumatology Department at Aylesbury, Bucks, and lived with it for over 15 years. Sadly, she suffered the characteristic misshapen hands and feet for a long while but never complained and, with the help of good comfortable shoes, was able to keep walking everywhere right to the end of her life as she couldn’t drive.  

Her RA was kept reasonably stable over the last 5-6 years with some of the excellent newer biological treatments and mum was always grateful for the regular care, blood tests and help with injections she received from her local district nurses, who she had so much trust and confidence in.   

We chose NRAS to receive gifts in her memory as we wanted to raise the profile of RA and the excellent work that NRAS does, and to help towards improving care for other sufferers and their families 

Daphne Franklin 1956, aged 20

Daphne had a strong faith and her warmth radiated to those she spent time with at the Salvation Army and then more latterly in the Baptist Church, Tring.  She would always find time to visit family, friends and church members who were poorly, lonely or in need of cheering up.  

With the added challenge of holding a funeral in these times it was very important for us to have an online tribute site for our mum where friends and family could feel part of her funeral, post tributes and photos, make a donation easily and enjoy sharing and reading memories and stories.  We settled on the MuchLoved Tribute page and would certainly recommend it to others.”