NRAS Board of Trustees recruiting Income Generating & Fundraising Trustee

NRAS is looking for an Income Generating & Fundraising Trustee with diverse skills and background in line with the people we represent.


NRAS – The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, is the only patient organisation in the UK with a specific focus on Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). Founded in 2001 and now the leading organisation representing people living with RA and JIA, the charity has an exemplary reputation within the world of rheumatology. Working collaboratively with a wide range of stakeholders and other third sector organisations, NRAS offers services and support to patients, healthcare professionals, researchers and advocates for improved services and access to treatments.

Opportunity Description

NRAS is looking for an Income Generating & Fundraising Trustee with diverse skills and background in line with the people we represent.

Ideally Trustees will have close proximity to our cause – supporting all those with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Juvenile Arthritis in the UK, so preferably people with RA or adult Juvenile disease themselves or who have a close relation with RA or JIA but equally an understanding of working with the NHS or immunology would be as valuable. 

We currently feel we are underrepresented on the board in the following area

  • A Trustee with established and proven fundraising connections in particular with major donors and corporate relationship building
  • A Trustee with experience at senior/board level or running own business.
  • A Trustee who can actively support the Fundraising team and have ability/time to meet Trust & Grant giving representatives alongside CEO and/or Founder

The role of our Board is to oversee and ensure good governance, approve annual financial statement and budget, protect the charity from liability, minimise risk, ensure legal compliance, and participate in fundraising. They also support the CEO and review her performance.

There are 4 board meetings per year with some additional sub-committee obligations as well as an annual away day which all Trustees are expected to attend. While most board meetings have been conducted virtually during the pandemic there is a hope that at least two board meeting per year will be face to face with all attending at the charity’s offices in Maidenhead. There is an expectation that Trustees will be able to devote sufficient time to attending meetings and sub-committee meetings. If a Trustee fails to attend 2 or more meetings the Chair will discuss if there the role of a Trustee is appropriate for the individual.

We require people who are passionate about what they do and are prepared to support a great cause with equal drive and commitment. We are also keen to attract people who have a network of contacts and are willing to help us fundraise. The charity currently gets no statutory income. It’s only by increasing our income that we can do more and we have so much more to do to support the 450,000+ people living with RA and 12,000 children and their families living with JIA in the UK.

What impact will this opportunity have?

We have excellent and committed existing trustees but with a more diverse board of people with a wider range of backgrounds and skills to support, help and guide the charity and the Senior Management Team, we believe we will be in a stronger position to the achieve aims and goals within our strategic plan.

What’s in it for you as a volunteer?

We believe this is a great opportunity to contribute in a key way to a vitally important cause. RA and JIA are painful, complex, disabling and life-long diseases with no cure. They are not well understood and people generally don’t recognise the symptoms as being in need of urgent attention so there is often delay to diagnosis. You can be part of making the difference to thousands of peoples’ lives. Our vision is for people with RA or JIA to live life without limits. With fair access to care and without prejudice nor discrimination due to their condition.

Time commitment

Mostly during office hours, but some out of hours meetings

  • 4 Board meetings per year (minimum of two in Maidenhead and others hybrid)
  • Attendance at key events (e.g. parliamentary launch of a report, or major beneficiary event)
  • Attendance at any major donor event
  • Attendance at various Trustee Training both online and in person
  • 2 or 3 sub-committee online meetings per year
  • participate in other activities in support of NRAS and the Board as required.

Other details

To apply or for more information:

Please apply to the Chief Executive, Clare Jacklin

Email: Tel: work no. 01628 823524

Please provide an up to date CV and covering letter to explain your interest and connection to the cause.

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