Guidance for NRAS groups on resuming in-person events

Guidance on when NRAS groups may choose to resume face to face meetings (at their own risk and dependent on the profile of their members/the location/the activity) 


As the vaccine rollout continues, the UK government and devolved administrations have announced plans for a reduction in COVID-19 restrictions. We understand that many of you will be keen to arrange face-to-face events once again when this is possible and safe, while others will want to continue to meet virtually until you feel you can have confidence that the risk of catching COVID-19 has fallen to a low level. 

Deciding whether to hold face-to-face meetings 

We hope the points below are useful in helping you to make this decision. However, it is up to local group leaders to agree the risk and precautions that they may need to take, and NRAS will not be held responsible for any infringement of local/regional rules. 

While there are limits on the size of groups, it may be difficult if your group regularly has more than 15 people. If this is the case we’d suggest some sort of booking to attend so as to avoid having to turn people away. If you have a venue that has good internet connections it may be possible to conduct a zoom link for those unable to attend in person so they can meet up with those who have attended in person. 

Below is the latest government guidance for each part of the UK, to help you make these decisions.  

  • From Monday 21 June, indoor venues and businesses will be allowed to reopen, and NRAS Groups can hold face-to-face meetings and events both outdoors and indoors but we’d recommend adhering to hand sanitising and reduced contact (sorry no hugs) and as much a space and ventilation as possible  
  • From 17 May (provided the vaccine rollout remains on track) up to 30 people will be allowed to meet outdoors – e.g. an outdoor walk and/or picnic. 
  • We will update this information regularly and you can see the latest government announcements here.  
Northern Ireland 
  • We cannot currently provide guidance as to when NRAS Groups will be able to meet face-to-face. Currently, up to 10 people (including children of all ages) from a maximum of two households can now meet outdoors. An indicative date of 24 May has been set for the return of indoor group exercise and training (numbers informed by venue). This will be subject to review. 
  • We will update this information regularly and you can see the latest government announcements here.  
  • From 17 May ‘small scale indoor and outdoor events can resume subject to capacity constraints (to be confirmed following stakeholder engagement)’.  

We have sought further information on this and we will update this section when we can provide guidance on whether this includes NRAS group events 

  • We will update this information regularly and you can see the latest government announcements here.  
  • Organised outdoor activities for up to 50 people of any age, including exercise classes and support groups, are allowed.   
  • Organised indoor activities for adults, including exercise classes and support groups, are allowed, limited to a maximum of 30 people over the age of 11. There are no limits to the number of children aged under 11 that can take part. 
  • These activities do not include parties or wider social gatherings of families and friends beyond the arrangements for meeting other people. They are not allowed in private gardens, and alcohol cannot be consumed.  
  • The Welsh government website says: “An organised activity must be organised by a business, public body or a charitable, benevolent, educational or philanthropic institution, a club or political organisation, or the national governing body of a sport or other activity. The organiser of the activity must meet requirements in the Regulations to take all reasonable measures to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus and must carry out a risk assessment.”
  • We will update this information regularly and you can see the latest government announcements here.