Wellbeing and Activity Behaviours in rheumatoid arthritis survey 2

We would like to thank you for supporting the research from the University of Birmingham looking at wellbeing in people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have had an overwhelming response. If you completed the first survey, you may remember, this research is interested in understanding how your wellbeing (e.g. pain, fatigue, mental health) is related to movement behaviours, such as physical activity and sitting time during the pandemic. We are now a little bit further in the pandemic and we would like you to repeat the same survey again. This will help the researchers to understand how you are getting on throughout the pandemic. If you did not get a chance to complete the survey the first time, please feel free to complete it now for the first time. We are really grateful for any responses.   

The survey will take approximately 45 mins to complete. Those who agree to take part will be given a unique ID only visible to the researchers at Birmingham. NRAS will not see any of the individual survey responses. The final report from the survey will only contain anonymous, aggregated data and this will be published on the NRAS website in due course and we are grateful to NRAS for helping us to reach people with RA across the UK to participate in our research. 

We would encourage you to participate in this study if you possibly can.

On behalf of the research team at Birmingham, thank you very much.

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