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You may have missed our Wellbeing sessions during RAAW (RA Awareness Week) week 2021, but they are now back as full-length courses for Wellbeing 2022. We also piloted NRAS Wellbeing courses last year, and with great demand have scheduled many more NRAS Wellbeing Courses specifically for people living with Rheumatoid Arthritis or Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.

The motivation behind NRAS organising these courses is due to the fact that many of you have been in touch to let us know how your overall health and wellbeing – in terms of exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and mental wellbeing – has a significant impact on the self management of your RA or JIA. With this in mind, we approached experts in their field (who all live with RA or JIA themselves) and asked them to design short courses specifically for the benefit of our community.   

Wellbeing courses timetable

Course TitleCourse LeaderCourse DatesNo of WeeksDay of the WeekTime
Tripudio MovementKaren Forrester Jones7 Sept – 12 Oct6Wednesdays1:00pm
Yoga for the JointsJess Eloise22 Aug – 19 Sept5Mondays8:30am
Meditation & MindfulnessSalarah Starre5 Oct – 2 Nov5Wednesdays7:00pm
Dance MovementDidy Veldman1 Sept – 6 Oct (excluding 8th Sept)5Thursdays6:30pm
Nutrition & DietLulu Ross Brown10 Oct – 7 Nov5Mondays6:00pm

Tripudio Movement

Tripudio is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Its name is Latin for ‘dance’, but also translates as ‘leap with joy’. It is a gentle form of exercise and is performed to different genres of music. It does not exclude anyone as the exercises can be done seated. The host Karen Forrester-Jones is a fully qualified Tripudio Movement Systems instructor and also the main assistant trainer for TMS working alongside its creator Julia Williams and has been teaching for five years. 

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Yoga for the Joints

This yoga course is suitable for everyone, regardless if you are having a day when the joints feel very flared up, there will be something for all to do. The course will involve breathing exercises to help support day to day exercises designed to help create a little mobility and strength throughout the entire body. The course can also help build confidence and mental strength! Host, Jess Eloise, has over 11 years’ experience in Yoga & Qigong. 

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Meditation & Mindfulness

Paying more attention to the present moment, to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you can improve your mental wellbeing.  The host of the Meditation & Mindfulness Wellbeing course, Salarah Starre (formerly known as Carolyne Bennett) will help you learn practices that can easily be incorporated into your everyday lives. 

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Tapping for Pain Management

Tapping for Pain Management in a new course to NRAS and will be running for two weeks, with one session each week. The host of the Tapping for Pain Management Wellbeing course, Salarah will use Emotional Freedom Techniques to gently tap the various acupressure points.  Emotional Freedom Techniques aims to relax the mind and body.

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Dance Movement

The class builds slowly, warming up the body with soft and light movements, to activate the muscles without impacting the joints. Using breath and flow, some strengthening core exercises, either standing up or sitting down. All helpful to awaken the body and mind and get your blood flowing. Building exercises and dancing to a variety of music which will make you feel light and waltz around the room at the end of the class. A fun, upbeat and low impact movement class.

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Nutrition & Diet

The Nutrition & Diet course will discuss functional medicine approach to support RA, including topics; gut health, toxins, stress and sleep. Lulu Ross-Brown is a physiotherapist with 26 year experience and hopes the combination of this with Functional Medicine will allow her to support many people struggling with pain, arthritis, autoimmunity and many more chronic conditions

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If you have and questions about the courses or experience any issues with your booking, please contact us via wellbeing@nras.org.uk

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