Why should you become a Member of NRAS? 

10 November 2023

Most of us are fully aware, that access to a good support network around you comes with countless perks. Whether it’s a sense of belonging, the power of connection or the mental health benefits, we all need social interactions to some extent. However, as we get older and people’s responsibilities shift, this can, for many of us, become a harder task to keep on top of!

At NRAS, our mission is to support everyone living with the impacts of RA or JIA and while we will continue to do so, you will gain some fantastic benefits while also supporting our cause by becoming a member. As a Member of The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, you will receive expert information, contribute to the day-to-day funding of a wonderful charity and feel secure in the knowledge that the NRAS community is always there to support you and those close to you every step of the way.

Don’t live this alone, join us today and be part of our RA Community, together we can help you build a brighter tomorrow.

What do we offer? 

All NRAS memberships include:

  • Members E-News every month.
  • Members Magazine NewsRheum bi-annually.
  • Members online library.

All for less than the price of a cup of coffee per month!

While all our memberships include these as standard, we also offer different membership tiers. Take a look at our membership page to see which membership is the best fit for you.

“I was advised to join by a nurse when I was first diagnosed and struggling. I’m glad I did as I’m unemployed, alone and have no-one to turn to for support. NRAS is helping me to understand and keep going. You are worth the fee.”
Audrey, New Member

Give the gift, that keeps on giving! 

If you have a friend, family member or colleague with RA – you can show your support by gifting a membership. This not only helps them manage their condition but helps a fantastic cause too! Choose the membership you would like to gift and complete the form to receive a welcome email and joining pack with the latest Members’ Magazine; NewsRheum.

If you are already an NRAS Member, we would love for you to let us know your experience via social media on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – and be sure to follow us for updates on everything RA!