01. How NRAS supports research

From conducting our own research about the impact of RA on people’s lives to assisting third-party researchers, academics and professionals – we support research in a number of ways.

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02. Current research partnerships

Find out about the research projects we are currently supporting.

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03. Get involved in research

NRAS is committed to improving a broad range of outcomes for the RA community.  

In achieving these aims we work on a number of separate but entwined strategies covering issues such as policy reform, the development of supported self-management resources, providing support and help to people experiencing health, social and psychological issues related to their RA.  

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04. Research outcomes

It is important that the full loop occurs when it comes to research, its not just taking part it is also finding out the results. Within this section you will find research outcomes.
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05. For researchers

NRAS is open to supporting a wide variety of institutions and commercial organisations with their research via various means of recruitment, focus groups, promotion of research and production of surveys.

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