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NRAS works in partnership with the NHS to offer its information and support services to patients who have rheumatoid arthritis (RA). As a Health Professional, all you have to do is submit a quick form to refer your patient to NRAS. We take care of the rest!

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Join our Right Start Webinars

Join us for an informative webinar on 19th June at 7:00pm hosted by NRAS’ CEO Clare Jacklin or 18th July at 12:30pm hosted by Ailsa Bosworth NRAS’ National Patient Champion. 

Clare and Ailsa will explain how our patient referral programme Right Start works and how it can help your patients better understand their RA and its impact on daily life. 

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About our referral service

Getting the right support for RA can help people make positive adjustments to their perception of the condition, behaviour towards medicines, day-to-day lifestyle and overall health beliefs. We want to help them understand why self-management is important and how to make those important first steps in managing their disease effectively.

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Right Start supports all those living with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) to understand their condition and how it is likely to affect them.

By referring your patients to NRAS, you will be connecting them to friendly, empathetic, trained staff who will provide tailored support that is evidence-based and offer peer support at an individual and/or community level. Your patients will:

  • Better understand their RA and its impact on daily life
  • Feel less isolated and more supported
  • Be provided with practical support and information
  • Understand how to navigate NHS and other services
  • Feel more in control

In Summary

Here is how the service works in four simple steps:

    1. Refer your patient(s)
    2. Your patient will be contacted by NRAS and a phone call will be scheduled between the patient and our trained Information & Support Team
    3. During the call with a member of the Information & Support Team, your patient will talk through everything that is concerning them, and our Team will provide an explanation about medications, the disease, and whatever else they wish to discuss. At the end of the call, your patient will be sent a customised pack of information relevant to their specific needs
    4. Your patient will be asked if they would like the opportunity to talk to someone else living with RA, just like them (more info)

I am ready to refer a patient

Are you a Health Professional?

Visit our dedicated section for Health Professionals with an interest in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In addition to referring patients, you can place bulk orders for our publications, and sign up to a free Health Professional Membership!

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