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RA Awareness Week 2023

Help us raise awareness of Rheumatoid Arthritis during RA Awareness week 11th – 17th September 2023. Spread the word and share your stories to eliminate misconceptions about this invisible and incurable condition.
11 Sep 2023

The theme of RA Awareness week 2023 is #RADrain – showing how day-to-day activities can drain your battery, and leave you unable to continue with more events during the day, for example going out in the evening to socialise. Things like getting a stressful email at work can drain a person with RA’s battery a huge amount compared to someone who is not living with this illness. Finding there is no parking near your office is probably an inconvenience for most people, however if you have RA and have had a busy morning, that extra walk can take a huge chunk out of your daily battery. It really can be simple things that can lead to your battery being almost out before you even get home for the evening.

Alongside our social media videos which we would love you to share, we would also ask people to tell us the things that most people take for granted that completely drains your RA battery. It could be making your bed, lifting a heavy kettle, stressful meetings at work – every person will have something different. By sharing these we can help highlight how much a person has to manage their condition to try and keep their battery life healthy so they can keep going every day.

Keep an eye on our website and social media accounts for more about RA Awareness week coming soon!

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