5 tips to make Spring-Cleaning with Rheumatoid Arthritis easier

Blog by Aribah Rizvi

With Spring in full bloom (pun intended), those with RA may be dreading the thought of doing a deep spring clean. Spring cleaning is important for everyone during especially for those suffering with allergies. However, crouching, scrubbing and lifting with RA is no easy task and may seem overwhelming. 

A clean home is a happy home so, why not read our 5 top tips and turn this daunting task into a more manageable one.

1. Make a plan 

A great way to get started is to plan. Write a list of chores that need doing and steadily work your way through each room. This will mean you aren’t doing the same activity for a long stretch of time minimising strain on your joints and muscles. For example, mopping the whole house will use and strain the same joints for a long period of time which can get painful and uncomfortable. However, mopping a room and then folding the laundry will break up the chores making them less repetitive and more manageable. 

2. Carry less weight

Detergents and cleaning equipment can be heavy and bulky. Try decanting your detergents into smaller bottles. To avoid carrying detergents up the stairs, store some upstairs in a secure place- out of the reach of children. Also swapping out cleaners and cloths with biodegradable wipes may lighten your load. Keeping a separate vacuum upstairs will mean you don’t have to lug heavy equipment up and down the stairs.

3. Use smart tools

There are many products and tools that can make cleaning easier on your joints. Here are some of our favourites:

Bending and crouching down can be painful especially during a flare. Using a long-handled dustpan and brush will minimise back pain. 

Furniture sliding pads will make moving larger furniture such as sofas, tables and beds much easier. Ask for help when attaching these under furniture.

Investing in a duster with a long pole will allow you to access hard to reach areas without you having to stand on a chair or tiptoeing. 

Pushing around a heavy vacuum can strain the joints. The iRobot vacuums your house all by itself- just plug it in and watch it go! 

Cordless vacuums are lighter to carry and also take up less space-  bonus! 

4. Ask for help

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Get the whole family involved and divide the chores. This will lessen the burden and make tasks more manageable. 

5. Less is more

Sort through items you may not use anymore- donate these or distribute them to family and friends. Decluttering can reduce dust, mould and prevent pests which may trigger allergies. Getting rid of heavy items such as concrete plant pots and cast-iron pans will make lifting them much easier especially on days where your hands are flaring, and mobility is reduced. 

We hope these tips will make your Spring-cleaning experience easier! Share your cleaning tips with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram– we’d love to hear them!

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