6 Tech Stocking Fillers to aid RA

Blog by Geoff West

6 Tech Stocking Fillers to aid RA - Banner

Being new to RA and JIA, my first few weeks at NRAS have been a real learning experience. I’ve had to really delve into the ins and outs of the disease to better try and understand the challenges that come to those who suffer on a daily basis. Being a bit of a tech fiend, I naturally found myself thinking, ‘Surely there’s some tech that could aid RA?’ and low and behold, NRAS have already got that covered!

You may have caught our Facebook livestream with the wonderful Georgie Barrat, where the Gadget Show presenter ran through some nifty tips and tech which aid people with RA. So, with the dark, winter months now fully upon us and if you didn’t sit through the whole thing – I’m here to wrap it all up into a nice Christmas-gift shaped list for you.

1. Pop Sockets

Approximate Price: £10-£15

Let’s face it, we’ve all been laying in bed checking our phones and dropped it square on our nose… no? Just me? Well as someone who doesn’t suffer from RA, yet still struggles from time to time to comfortably hold my phone, this one is a real game changer.

Simply attach the Pop Socket to the back of your phone or case, then you can retract it when in use to have it sit between your fingers behind the phone. This negates the ‘pincer movement’ which can be tough on the joints, especially with larger phones. Not only does this make phones a lot easier to handle, but some models double up as a stand which is perfect for when you want to binge your favourite Netflix show or maybe, watch our past livestreams! (Sorry, not sorry…).

2. Crossbody Phone Cases

Approximate Price: £10-£15

Sticking with the phone theme, we also came across Crossbody Phone Cases. Having spent the past year on a number of film sets as an extra, these snazzy little cases were seen a lot more than I was and were used by almost all crew members. They are perfect if you’re on the go or typically need to have your phone on hand without rummaging through your bags or pockets. Not only that, it gives you the ability to drop your phone at the drop of a hat, safe in the knowledge it isn’t going to hit the floor… just don’t get too used to it, or the next time your friend hands you their phone will be the last.

3. Bluetooth Keyboards for Phones/Tablets

Approximate Price: £20-£55

With RA affecting joints and mobility – especially within your hands, typing on a small device no doubt could be an issue for some. A way to alleviate this could be getting an external bluetooth keyboard. These highly portable devices can connect to phones and tablets alike and work wirelessly, giving yourself a much larger base to type off. This will take off some of the strain you put on your fingers and thumbs, saving them to aimlessly scroll through Facebook once you are done.

4. Stylus

Approximate Price: £5-£40

Another quick but effective option could be to get a stylus. This requires little to no setup and is a simple solution for those who struggle with precision taps, such as typing on a small screen. If your RA has gotten to a point where holding a small pen has gotten uncomfortable, there are larger and variable sizes available online which could make things a little easier.

Stylus and tablet

5. Seating Cushions

Approximate Price: £15

With the pandemic changing everyone’s lives, I’m sure there are plenty of you reading this who are working from home. I’m also sure, there are many of you sitting on an uncomfortable wooden dining chair, aggravating flares and requiring you to get up every 10 minutes. Well, rather than shell out for a brand new office chair made from the finest cloud-like foam imaginable, you can simply level up your seating with an orthopedic cushion. These are ergonomically designed to support your sciatica and tailbone releasing pressure on your joints, relieving back pain and helping your posture – which even in my 20’s, is something I could work on!

6. Adjustable Footrest

Approximate Price: £25

The final product on the list goes a long way to creating the perfect working from home set up. With RA typically affecting the knees and ankles, it’s important to support them in any way you can, especially while seated. Therefore, sliding a footrest under your desk can help adjust your feet position to help promote a better seating posture. Combine this with the aforementioned seating cushion and proper lumbar support to achieve peak, optimal posture – your back will thank you in the long run.

Did we mention something you are considering buying? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Want to hear more from Georgie and get the full range of tips and tech? Watch the full livestream here.

Disclaimer: All approximate prices were taken from Amazon and any direct links were suggested by Georgie herself on the livestream. Other suppliers are available.