Failing to deliver: Homecare Delivery Services


Homecare medicine delivery services are responsible for the delivery of vital medications to people with Rheumatoid Arthritis, alongside a number of other long-term health conditions. A recent report from the Public Services Committee (House of Lords) concludes that services are not working as they should and, in some cases, “is causing patients serious harm”.

More than 500,000 people rely upon private companies to delivery essential medications and supplies to their homes in England. This comes in at a cost to NHS England of around £2.1 billion per year. Homecare delivery services have the opportunity to alleviate pressures on hospital as well as deliver excellent service for patients in their own homes.

A recent House of Lords inquiry highlighted the issue with many patients reporting delays, incorrect or faulty medicines or devices, prescriptions being lost, lack of flexibility and lack of customer service.

The impact on some patients can be very serious, especially for those with inflammatory conditions, where a delay in receiving medication could result in a flare up and worsening of symptoms.

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