The Wren Project

Free 1:1 emotional support for those living with autoimmune diseases, offered by The Wren Project.


The Wren Project provides an ongoing space to talk about the social and emotional impact of a diagnosis of autoimmune disease, with volunteers trained in active listening. We offer free 1:1 emotional support over a period of 3-6 months via video call. It is Wren’s mission to build community and support for the whole population of autoimmune. We believe that despite differences in our diagnoses, the emotional impact of autoimmune disease draws connections between people.

The Wren Project know first-hand the impact of a chronic health condition diagnosis. Talking about these challenges and having a space to feel heard and understood, can help rebuild hope and a sense of control.

To find out more if or to be referred to The Wren Project, look at the Wren Project’ website:

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