NRAS launch new module for their major new e-learning programme SMILE-RA

26 May 2022

Join the nearly 1,000 people who are SMILING!

Last September, NRAS launched their unique and engaging e-learning experience for people with RA and their families who want to understand more about RA, its treatments and how to minimise its impact on your quality of life. SMILE-RA has a modular approach to learning, so each module is on a particular theme or subject and takes between 20 mins and half an hour to complete. Use of video, narrated voice over, animation, quizzes and links to other key resources make this learning widely accessible.

With the launch of the new module on Medicines, hear about the different types of medicines used in the treatment of RA, their benefits and risks, and much more from Prof. Peter Taylor, Rheumatology Pharmacist Dr. Stephanie Butler, Nurse Specialist Julie Begum and people who are taking different medication to manage their RA.

We hope that SMILE-RA will answer many of the questions you may have about your RA and how to cope with the daily challenges it brings. It’s free and easy to register, simply visit and START SMILING!

There is an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use and navigate your way around. After registering and completing the Foundation module which includes baseline evaluation questions, you can then direct your own learning experience and choose whichever modules are of interest to explore next.