MSK Inequalities: Act Now!

18 March 2024

ARMA’s ‘Act Now’ Report on MSK Health Inequalities and Deprivation

The Act Now: Musculoskeletal Health Inequalities and Deprivation report from ARMA highlights the impact of social and economic determinants of health on those living with MSK conditions, recognising that people in deprived areas face far greater challenges in managing their MSK conditions and accessing quality MSK services.

The report aims to address the drivers of poor musculoskeletal health acting on people living in deprivation and bring a focus to the part health services across the UK can play to address inequalities.

The report provides practical advice and signposting for health systems, MSK services and practitioners in a position to shift the dial in the right direction and implement innovative strategies to overcome barriers to healthcare access and tackle unequal health outcomes in MSK health.

Key recommendations from the report include:

  • Getting closer to and knowing your community better – solutions such as moving services into community spaces make them more accessible to under-served groups from deprived areas.
  • Developing shared ownership of services through engagement and co-production.
  • Using data to identify, tackle and monitor barriers to access and unequal health outcomes.
  • Targeting intensive and tailored supported self-management where need is greatest. 

You can read the full report here.