Take part in the PLAN-HERACLES study

14 May 2024

Study title: Plan for Determining the Psychometric Properties of, and the Feasibility of Implementing, an Electronic Patient Reported Outcome Measure Tool to Monitor Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity

Researchers at Cardiff University are looking for people living with Rheumatoid Arthritis to provide thoughts on a proposed weekly disease activity monitoring tool that they hope to develop through future funded research. They would like you to complete the following survey.

A Next Steps Award from Health and Care Research Wales, which started in February 2024. Through this there will be three surveys and analyse the data collected.

The first and second surveys will be about the use of the future data collection and presentation of the weekly Disease Activity (DA) monitoring tool for people living with RA and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) involved in the care of people living with RA.

The survey for people living with RA can be accessed by clicking the button below.

It asks questions on how useful a weekly DA monitoring tool would be, how likely use of the tool, how often data would be entered into the tool (currently hypothesised to be weekly), how many items could be completed and how effective the tool would have to be to make the repeated collection of data worthwhile.

The survey for health care professionals has been sent out through the British Society of Rheumatology (BSR) to ask questions about how they would envisage using the tool, how useful the tool would be to them, how likely they would be to use it and how easy they think it would be to implement.

The third survey has been sent out via social media and adverts in relevant clinics to current users of the My Clinical Outcomes (MCO) system in Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (C&VUHB) to ask them about their interactions with the system, what they like and what they think could be improved. The reasoning behind asking about the MCO system is because MCO have a contract with C&VUHB for the collection of electronic PROMs. Therefore, any notions of improvements we can make in this system will improve it for people living with RA ahead of them using it and will lead to improvements in the MCO system for all users.

The purpose of the Next Steps Award is also to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship and will be applied by the end of 2024.