How NRAS supports research

From conducting our own research about the impact of RA on people’s lives to assisting third-party researchers, academics and professionals – we support research in a number of ways.


We conduct our own research on the impact of the disease on peoples’ lives, the health service and health professionals. This research helps us develop and deliver NRAS services to best meet the needs of all our beneficiaries. It also helps influence our policy and campaign work to advocate for improvements/changes in rheumatology services across the UK and Europe. NRAS reports can be found below:

  • As a Research Partner, we:
    • actively work with researchers on their research proposals for funding; patient and public involvement in the design of research studies
    • partner with researcher or research organisations as a co-applicant
    • provide patient partners for research steering committees, patient participation panels and advisory boards
    • help recruit to research studies via our website, beneficiaries’ communications and social media
    •  disseminate and co-author research reports for publication
  • Support third party researchers, advertise and promote their studies to recruit participants.
  • Support and advise on the recruitment of participants for focus groups, advisory boards, patient participation panels

NRAS’ work in research has grown over recent years and is offering the charity new income streams to help support all areas of work of the organisation. While we aim to support as much research as possible we must reserve the right to decline a research proposal if we feel it does not contribute to our Mission and Values of the charity. We may also decline due to restrictions due to our resources or that the timing of the request clashes with the charity’s previous commitments.

Our research promise is to always, to the best of our ability,  ensure that any project we support meets ethical guidelines, will contribute to the NRAS Mission of reducing the burden of living with RA or JIA, and that the project meets with our high professional standards. We expect all third parties involved in gathering research data to provide the society with assurances regarding data privacy and clarity as to how all data i.e identifiable, aggregated or anonymised, is to be used and held.