Charity of the year

Could you nominate NRAS as the ‘charity of the year’ at your company or organisation? Read about our successful partnerships below.


Healthcare at Home Charity Partner  

NRAS was chosen as one of Healthcare at Home’s Charity Partners in 2019. 

Healthcare at Home, the UK’s leading full service, clinical provider of healthcare out-of-hospital, at home, at work and in communities, have chosen the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS) as one of their charity partners..  

As part of their fundraising in 2019 Healthcare at Home: 

  • Held a Summer Fair at their offices in June. Members of our lovely Chesterfield NRAS group attended and had a successful day fundraising and raising awareness.  
  • Hannah, Emily and Amy, 3 colleagues from Healthcare at Home, took part together in the Birmingham 10K challenge.  
  • From January to June, Healthcare at Home colleagues raised money through a car share scheme..  
  • Healthcare at Home employees donate through their salary using the Pennies from Heaven employee payroll scheme.  

Helen Saich (from the NRAS fundraising team) visited Healthcare at Home’s offices in Burton on Trent in June 2019 and was pleased to meet Jessica Bell and Bethany Reed. Helen enjoyed meeting other members of staff too, having a tour around the offices and also whilst she was there, making a video to tell their staff all about NRAS.  

Whilst 2020 has been a different year and fundraising has been a challenge, Healthcare at Home have continued their support of NRAS as a Charity Partner. Their donations and support during this difficult year have been vital and we are very grateful. 

To speak to us about nominating NRAS as your organisation’s Charity of the Year, contact us at or call 01628 823 524. 

QBE Foundation

QBE Foundation Nomination and Award £50,000 for NRAS from QBE European Operations Foundation 

“Your charity has been nominated by one of our staff at QBE Insurance and we’re very pleased to tell you that you have been chosen and will be receiving £50,000.”  

On Friday 26th July 2019 at 4.30 pm Helen Saich (Senior Trust & Company Giving Fundraiser at NRAS) took a call from the QBE Foundation Chairman with the wonderful news that the QBE Foundation (the charitable arm of QBE Business Insurance) had awarded NRAS £50,000. This grant will help NRAS make a difference and continue to deliver our services to all those who need our help.  

We were so lucky to have been nominated by QBE employee, Jess Swallow, whose mother and grandmother are RA sufferers. There were a large number of nominations from QBE staff across the UK and Europe and luckily for NRAS, Jess’s story from the heart, moved the judges and we were thrilled to receive the funds on 16th August 2019.  

We would like to share the nomination written by Jess below: 

 “My grandmother developed rheumatoid arthritis when she was aged 50. As with many diseases, one of the main factors that causes RA is stress, and when my grandmother was diagnosed, she was looking after my grandfather 24/7, who had suffered from a stroke and soon after passed away. Growing up, she tried where possible to look after us when my mum needed a babysitter, however due to her lack of mobility as the RA became more debilitating and things such as driving, picking us up, mowing the lawn, etc had to stop – this became hard. Watching her joints flare up and become misshapen over the years, and then watching her toes fold over so she is unable to walk properly is hard – we want to help her, but other than the many drugs she is on (which they never seem to be able to get right to suit her) which then causes other problems, I feel useless. Despite this, she never moans to us and also greets us with a hug and a huge smile. RA is also hereditary, and my mother was diagnosed 10 years ago – I want to do everything I can to prevent mum’s RA following the same pattern as Nan’s…we do everything we can; remaining active where possible, practising yoga and eating a healthy and nutritious diet. She loves gardening and I really hope she can continue gardening for a very long time. It is hard to watch as those you love most struggle with this degenerative disease and I want to do everything I can to protect them, and others that it affects daily. I don’t feel as many people know about RA, and so it is unlikely people would donate to their charity. I want to spread this awareness and help boost the morale of those with the disease. Thank you for the opportunity to apply for funding.”  

Jess, her mum and nan came to visit us at our offices in Maidenhead in November 2019. It was so lovely to meet them and find out more about their experiences of RA and the time together just flew by. We are delighted that we are going to be working with Jess as she is very keen to help us raise awareness of RA and what it means to cope daily with this disease and the impact on the whole family.  

Thank you Jess. 

To speak to us about making a company donation to NRAS, contact us at or call 01628 823 524.