Digital Group Co-ordinator

Are you looking to give support to those affected by RA or JIA? As NRAS looks to empower more volunteers to help us drive our support for more people living with the conditions throughout the UK, we are committed to developing a network of diverse, volunteer-led digital groups.


These groups will be interest based rather than regionally based and will be online only allowing access to greater numbers of participants, especially those who might be time poor, for example, working parents. Other groups might be based around a shared love of sport and exercise or culture or perhaps diversity and equality. We do not intend to be prescriptive – the formation of the groups will be led by the volunteers who choose to participate.

The digital groups will provide opportunities for:

  • Online social interaction
  • Access to a safe space where participants can share experiences and celebrate their lives positively
  • Educational learning and sharing
  • Fundraising
  • Campaigning

The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS), is the only patient-led organisation in the UK specialising in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). Due to its targeted focus on RA and JIA, NRAS provides truly expert and wide-ranging services to support, educate and campaign for people living with these complex autoimmune conditions, their families and the health professionals who treat them.

Our volunteers are integral to our service delivery and help by providing support to their peers, taking part in research projects, raising awareness of RA and JIA and their impact, providing administrative back up and much more!

Digital Group Co-Ordinator Volunteer

We are looking for people across the UK to work with us to set up online support groups for those with RA or JIA with similar interests. It may be you want to promote LGBTQ+ interests in our community or facilitate a group for working parents; you might be interested in sport/exercise or wellbeing and are seeking like minded individuals to connect with.  Whatever topic you would like to promote, we would be happy to hear from you.

  • Ideally able to commit for at least a year initially. This role will involve around 2-3 hours volunteering a week and maybe a couple of extra hours for hosting online meetings.
  • you would be able to deliver your volunteer hours at a time that works for you
  • the role is home-based
  • Working with the Digital Groups Network Lead Volunteer to develop a strategy for developing your group in line with other groups being set up across the UK
  • Recruiting members to your group
  • Leading and supervising the administering/running of your group (potentially in collaboration with another volunteer willing to support you)
  • Hosting regular meetings (at least one a month)
  • making a difference to those people affected by RA or JIA who feel their voice may not be heard in the wider community
  • opportunity to engage with other like minded individuals
  • opportunity to learn new skills
  • ongoing support
  • reimbursement of out of pocket expenses as defined in NRAS’s volunteer policy
  • you will receive an induction when you start
  • we will provide you with the training you need to complete the role

Are you confident communicating with people you don’t know online and on the phone? Do you live with RA or JIA but want to raise the profile of other interests/passions/issues that play a big part in your life? Then this may be the role for you! We are looking for:

  • a friendly, engaging, confident, flexible and non-judgemental approach
  • a commitment to raising the profile of your interest/passion in the RA/JIA community
  • a drive to engage with others with similar interests/passions/challenges
  • ideally able to commit for at least a year initially. This role will involve 2-3 hours volunteering a week
  • access to a computer and phone and comfortable with engaging via social media

All volunteers will need to complete an online application form and provide referees.  Depending on the nature of the role volunteers may also be required to complete a DBS form.

Click on the button at the bottom of this page, or visit this link:

All volunteers will need to provide references. Depending on the nature of throlevolunteers may also be required to complete a DBS form.