Prescription Charges Coalition

NRAS is working with the Prescription Charges Coalition to campaign to scrap prescription charges for people in England with long-term conditions.

Rheumatoid arthritis is for life. A chronic disease with no cure. The quality of my life is dependent on a cocktail of 10 different drugs. With them, I can almost live a normal life, without them, I would be a burden on society, needing constant long term care at a huge cost to the state.

England is the only nation of the United Kingdom in which people still pay prescription charges. For people living with RA, JIA and other long-term conditions, this can be a serious financial burden. 

NRAS is one of the 51 charities who form the Prescription Charges Coalition seeking to scrap prescription charges for people in England living with long-term conditions.  

If you have an experience you would like to share relating to prescription charges or would like to support this campaign, please email our campaigns team, with the message subject ‘NRAS prescription charges campaign’.