RheumaBuddy is an app for people with RA and JIA that helps people get a better understanding of what influences the good or the bad days – and with this understanding, increase the number of good days.


The app is suitable for people over the age of 16 years to use independently. The pain body-map allows you to pinpoint and note specific areas of pain. You can also log sleep, exercise and hours of work or school. It is also possible to chat with other patients and learn from their experiences.

RheumaBuddy is an app to support you with ‘self-management’. In other words, the app helps you to gain greater control of your RA or JIA. By getting a better overview and discovering patterns, you can figure out what you can do to influence the disease in a more positive direction. The app enables you to share the findings with your rheumatologist – RheumaBuddy is a perfect tool to document the development in your disease since your last visit. On top of that, the app also has a buddy function. In an online community for users of RheumaBuddy, you can ask for help, seek advice or maybe offer to help your peers when you have a good day. If you do not feel like sharing with every RheumaBuddy, you can connect with chosen ‘buddies’. 

It’s your personal diary

Day by day, or when it suits, you register how you are affected by RA or JIA. As a result, you will get a better understanding of the different factors that affect the disease.

How is your day?

Use the barometer to register how you feel regarding pain, tiredness and mood. You can also use a pain map to pinpoint where on the body it hurts most.

You remember it all

Choose between written notes, sound files and pictures to document your day, that way you do not have to remember everything yourself, especially when you visit the rheumatologist.

A great overview

The daily records result in a rewarding overview after a longer period. For example, statistics will show you the connection between pain, mood and level of energy/activities.

Exact information for your specialist

You can easily show the rheumatologist how you have been since the last visit – and not just how you feel on the day of the check-up. That ensures a better and more targeted treatment.

Buddy Community

Safely share tips and advice with other people that have RA or JIA. For example, use the app to get a helping hand or supportive word on a bad day and give something in return on a good day.

The app helps people get a better understanding of what influences the good or the bad days – and with this understanding, increase the number of good days.

Extended community functions

  • See other’s responses and comments to questions
  • Greater engagement between community members
  • You can choose whether you want to disclose your profile name or engage anonymously
  • Upload pictures to better describe your questions and answers
  • ‘Like’ a topic you find interesting and sort all topics after new/old or number of likes

Personalised experience

  • Edit symptoms you want to be tracking
  • Add or replace your own scales to the standard metrics of mood, pain, fatigue and stiffness

Comprehensive note overview

  • Notes can now be displayed in one comprehensive overview, making it easier for you to see diary entries you have saved over a long period of time

Motivational notifications

  • Receive more personalised and motivational reminders on your phone

For Healthcare Professionals

RheumaBuddy is a free app designed by Daman in Denmark which people with RA and adult JIA get a better understanding of what influences the good or the bad days. It is a self-management tool designed to achieve a unique insight into their own condition – and thereby how they can become motivated to break bad habits and adjust their life in a more positive direction.

To professionals, RheumaBuddy is also an advantage. The foundation for supporting and treating the individual patient becomes stronger. Often at visits to the specialist, patients have trouble describing in detail how they have been feeling since last time. That does not leave you, the specialist, with a true and fair view of their general condition.

In contrast, when your patient uses this app, you will get a holistic insight instead of a snapshot.
For information regarding terms of use, data protection and security, please refer to the ‘Terms of Use’ section within the app.

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