Speak to someone else with RA

Sometimes it can be really helpful to talk to someone else who really understands what it is like to live with rheumatoid arthritis.

NRAS has trained Telephone Support Volunteers, all of whom have been diagnosed with RA. We can arrange for them to telephone you at a mutually convenient time about whatever aspect of your RA that concerns you most.

•    You may be a young woman planning to start a family or a mum finding it difficult to cope with young children – perhaps chatting to another mother who has had to face similar challenges and choices would help you.

•    What if you are someone concerned about balancing work with the fatigue caused by RA or communicating with work colleagues about your disease? Lots of our Volunteers are in full or part-time employment and can talk to you about their experiences in the workplace. 

•    Going onto a new medication may concern you. Would it help to talk to someone else who has been taking that medication for some time? Or perhaps you’ve been told you need an operation and have some questions that only someone who has experienced it can really answer. 

I requested to speak to a Mum with young children too, and I spoke to a lovely lady who not only listened but who also gave some practical advice.
It was comforting to speak to someone who has been on a similar journey and can pass on what they’ve learnt.

To request, a call from an NRAS Telephone Volunteer call our Helpline on 0800 298 7650 (between 9.30-4.30pm Mon-Fri) or email helpline@nras.org.uk 

•    In the first instance, you will be called by a member of the NRAS team to discuss your request so that we are able to make the best match for you. We may need some further details and may be able to offer you some initial information or support in the meantime whilst waiting for your Volunteer call. 

•    We will then get in contact with an NRAS Volunteer to discuss your request and find out if they are happy to make a call. We will try and arrange a mutually convenient time for them to call you, and let them know your first name and telephone number.

•    We will then get back in touch with you to let you know the Volunteer’s name and an idea of when to expect their call.

•    It can take up to 2 weeks to match and arrange a Volunteer call, but someone from the NRAS team will keep you updated.

Please note: – 

  • Our volunteers can only talk about their personal experiences, so if you have any specific medical queries, it would be best to discuss these with your rheumatology team.
  • As our volunteers are all based in the UK, we regret that we can only arrange calls for people who live in the UK.
  • A landline phone number is preferable to a mobile if possible.

About the Telephone Support Network

It can be important for someone with rheumatoid arthritis to be able to talk with someone who has the first-hand experience of the disease because people who don’t have it can never really understand what it’s like, or indeed see life from the perspective of someone who does.

Full training is given to appropriate candidates who would like to volunteer to help others in this way.  If you think you have what it takes to become a Telephone Support Volunteer, then please call us on 01628 823524 or email volunteers@nras.org.uk 

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