COVID-19 emergency appeal

Right now, in this time of uncertainty, we in the NRAS Helpline team have experienced an enormous increase in appeals for help, advice and support. We are a lifeline to all those with RA and JIA, answering the phone, responding to your queries and comforting those in need. 

Debbie from NRAS Helpline Team

Donate Now 

NRAS has supported the RA and JIA community for nearly 20 years, and we want to be here for future generations. 

But this is where we need you. 

Due to the coronavirus, the charity is experiencing a huge reduction in our income while receiving a 600% increase in helpline calls. This will greatly affect your society and its future. 

We have redeployed current staff to assist with the helpline, to support a service that is already over capacity, but we are worried about how we can continue to offer this service. We need your help. 

With the Helpline costing around £1,657.60 a week, could you be one of the 88 people donating just £18.74 today to keep it running for a week? Any donation you can make will ensure the Helpline and our other vital services can continue. 

The Helpline team and I are striving to support those in distress; It is vitally important that we carry on helping these people. 

Thank you for your support, and stay safe 

Helpline Team 

Donate Now 

Donation Amounts - NRAS Emergency Appeal