Ideas for fundraising at work

Want to fundraise for NRAS at work but not sure where to start? Have a look at a few of our ideas below!


The Great Office Bake-off

 Everyone loves eating cake, and we bet there are people in your office who love baking it too! Set a date for your bake-off and email your colleagues asking any star bakers to enter the competition. Share with your colleagues so that they can come along, eat cake and judge the winner. You could charge people for every slice they try and ask them to mark each slice out of 10. 

​​Quiz Time

Source a room in your office (make sure it has a projector screen) and host an office quiz at lunchtime or after work. You could include a round on music, photos and even company knowledge to really test your colleagues. Ask for donations from everyone who enters. 

Guess the Baby

Ask everyone in the team to send you a baby photo of them and pin the photos up in your main meeting room. Charge a small fee for entry and ask your colleagues to guess which baby is who. The person with the most correct guesses wins a prize. 

​​Skill Bidding

Put up an A3 sheet of paper in your office kitchen or staff room and encourage your colleagues to list their skills on there. This could be anything from playing guitar to pottery. Other colleagues can then place bids on receiving a one-hour lesson with that person and their listed skill. This is a great way to share expertise and fundraise at the same time! 

Dress Down Purple Day

This one works best if your office has a strict dress code, and people would love to be more casual for a day. Ask everyone who dresses in purple to give a small donation. 

Doughnut Day

Did you know that Krispy Kreme sell doughnuts at a discounted price if they’re going to be resold at a charity event. Get your hands on some and sell them to your office colleagues at the recommended retail price. You can donate the difference to charity.