The Spring Booster

13 April 2022

Spring Booster Top Banner

The spring booster vaccine is now being offered to those that are aged over 75 and those aged over 12 who are immunosuppressed. For many people that are immune suppressed this will be their 5th dose.

As long as there is a 3-month gap between the date of their last vaccination, patients can now access this booster dose.

Third Primary Dose

At the end of last year there was a vaccine programme introduced to give people that were suspected to have little response to the vaccine and extra dose to up their immunity. For this reason, a significant portion of RA patients received a Third Primary Dose followed by a booster 3 months later taking them to a total of 4 doses. See the original eligibility criteria for the third primary dose here.

Those that did not qualify for the third primary dose would have received just a booster, taking them to a total of three doses. Patients that did meet that criterion but are taking medication for their RA are now able to get A fourth dose in the spring vaccine.

How to get the spring booster

Those that are eligible are able to book their dose now as long as there is a 3 month gap from the date of their last dose although the NHS are suggested a 6 month gap from the last dose for the best level of protection. Patients do not need to wait for contact from their healthcare team . The booster can be booked online or can be done at a walk in clinic. Patients must provide some form of evidence that they are eligible for the vaccine.

This may include

  • Confirmation in the form of a text, letter or email inviting you to the appointment.
  • A letter from the GP/ Rheumatologist confirming your condition.
  • Evidence that you take medication that effects your immune system.

You can book your appointment here on the NHS site.

Please also see the official government advice for those who have a weakened immune system.