हमारे आरए घटनाओं, अनुसंधान, उपचार और ब्रिटेन भर में सेवाओं पर नवीनतम समाचार पढ़ें ।

News, 17 Sep

National Charity launches first of its kind e-learning programme in Rheumatoid Arthritis – SMILE-RA

Today, 17 September, 2021, the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society launches a unique new resource to add to its portfolio of supported self-management programmes, services, publications and digital offerings, called SMILE-RA (Self-Management Individualised Learning Environment in Rheumatoid Arthritis).  Rheumatoid Arthritis (>400,000 adults live with RA in the UK) is a serious and complex autoimmune disease characterised […]

News, 14 May

Department of Health & Social Care Q&A on social distancing changes for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable people in England from 17 May

This is a UK government Q&A which is relevant to people living in England who have been classified as ‘Clinically Extremely Vulnerable The new guidance for everyone on social distancing can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/meeting-friends-and-family-covid-19 The specific guidance for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable people will be updated from 17 May and can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-on-shielding-and-protecting-extremely-vulnerable-persons-from-covid-19 1. What […]

News, 13 May

कोविड-१९ ( COVID-19) वैक्सीन पर अद्यतन(अपडेट )

All patients with RA are encouraged to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. This includes people taking Disease Modifying Anti Rhematic Drugs such as methotrexate, sulfasalazine, leflunomide and hydroxychloroquine and/or advanced therapies such as biologics, biosimilars and JAK inhibitors. The only potential exception is for those on rituximab for which it is recommended to have a consultation […]

News, 01 Apr

April update: Sir Lenny Henry urges black Britons to take COVID-19 vaccine; announcement for adults living with adults who are immunosuppressed

Sir Lenny Henry urges black Britons to take COVID-19 vaccine  Sir Lenny Henry has written an open letter to encourage Black Britons to take the COVID-19 vaccine, signed by some of the most high-profile names in the UK.  12 Years a Slave actor and Oscar nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor, author Malorie Blackman, actor Thandie Newton, football pundit […]

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सभी नवीनतम आरए और एनआरएएस समाचार के लिए साइन अप करें और नवीनतम आरए अनुसंधान, घटनाओं और सलाह पर हमारे नियमित मासिक ईमेल प्राप्त करें।

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