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£39.99 इंक वैट

The Healthy Back Bag is renowned for its unique, cross-body tear-drop shape which promotes a healthy weight distribution across the back.
The ergonomic shape of the bag hugs the natural curve of the back distributing the weight evenly down the spine.
Strategic pocketing keeps your possessions organised, but also shares the weight evenly around the interior of the bag.

All this makes the bag feel lighter, puts less stress on your neck, back and shoulder, and looks good in the process.

The Textured Nylon bags do it all, with practicality and panache. With a capacity equivalent to a regular shoulder bag. Whether you’re on holiday, walking the dog or just popping to the shop, this bag will take you everywhere with confidence and style.

– Zipped & padded full size internal security pocket for gadgets, documents and valuables
– Machine washable
– Versatile: can be worn cross-body both ways or on either shoulder
– Secure: the zip is always against your back
– Lightweight, hardwearing and weather resistant
– Double zip for easy access
– Adjustable non-slip shoulder strap
– Signature silver lining = stress free rummaging
– 4 exterior pockets, 6 interior pockets, 2 pen slots and key hook on an elastic band
– D ring inside at the top to clip in Bagletts or other accessories
– Dimensions: 43 x 23 x 15 cm – 6 Litres – 354g


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