RA and mental health

Three in four rheumatology units admit their mental health support needs to improve. 


It has been suggested that depression in rheumatoid arthritis is nearly three times that of the general population, yet it often goes undiagnosed.  

NRAS is calling for every rheumatology unit in the UK to ask people using their services about their mental health. Although rheumatology units in the UK recognise that providing psychological support to people with inflammatory arthritis is part of their role, 3 in 4 rate their overall provision as inadequate. Over two thirds do not screen patients to identify psychosocial difficulties. Only 1 in 5 patients with arthritis report being asked. 

If this is an issue close to your heart, please get in touch. You can make change happen by talking to your local MP, working with NRAS to influence your local CCG or NHS Trust, and sharing your own experience if you feel comfortable doing so.  

Achieving routine mental health monitoring across the UK would be transformational. Once that happens, we can start working towards a future where support is on offer to everyone living with RA. To work with NRAS to make this a reality, check out our campaigning network page.

Tell your story

Telling your story is the first step towards change. Being willing to share your own experience is the most powerful way to campaign. However, please only share as much as you feel comfortable sharing. Once we receive your form, we will get in touch – but please be patient, as we are a small team!