What are NRAS Groups?

Many people find meeting others living with RA from their own localities to be of great benefit. NRAS groups are a great source of ongoing information and education. How else will you know about local services available to you? Wouldn’t it be nice to meet some of your rheumatology health professionals in a non-clinical setting? How would it feel to be able to influence future rheumatology service provision by being part of a strong patient voice in your area? NRAS Groups aim to encourage better disease self-management via informative guest speakers and exchanging experiences with others.

In addition to NRAS Groups, there are other patient events/activities, and meetings across the UK, which we are able to signpost people to however NRAS does not necessarily have any direct input into such external meetings. Some of our groups are now holding online meetings so you may still be able to access a group even it is some distance away. If you are unable to find something near you or if you are interested in becoming an NRAS Volunteer Group Co-ordinator and would like information about setting up a group in your area, then please call 01628 823 524 or email the Volunteer Network at volunteers@nras.org.uk.

Our groups are run by volunteers and to protect their privacy we are unable to give out their personal contact details (unless otherwise stated on the group information). If you would like more information about any individual group, please contact NRAS on 01628 823 524 or groups@nras.org.uk and with your permission we will pass on your details to the group leader to contact you directly.