Tell your story

Share your experience of rheumatoid arthritis with NRAS and help change things for the better 


Every campaign starts when one person has an experience and thinks– ‘This needs to change’. We want to hear about your experience with RA, whether you are living with RA yourself or whether it affects someone you care about.  

The UK has made great progress in both treatment and outcomes for people with rheumatoid arthritis, but much still needs to change.  

Too many people living with RA wait too long to be diagnosed, although those diagnosed and started on optimal treatment within 12 weeks stand a much better chance of achieving remission.  

There is often still a postcode lottery in treatment.  

Three in four rheumatology units rate their own mental health provision as inadequate.  

Telling your story is the first step towards change. If NRAS is already campaigning on the issue that matters most to you, there are opportunities for you to get involved, add your voice, speak to politicians or tell your story to a journalist. If not, we will support you in raising your voice.  

Contact the NRAS campaigns team using the form below and tell us what you would like to change.